Protecting fruit trees from possums

Protecting fruit trees from possums

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Call us today! The 1. Perfect for protecting smaller garden plots, young fruit trees and berry bushes. Designed to work in gardens everywhere, protecting everything from lawn seed to established plants and trees. This unique and award winning design out of the UK offers protection from insects, birds, rabbits, butterflies, possums and more while still allowing pollinating insects like bees adequate access. See below for detailed product features and specifications.

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Losing a War to the Opossums

From 1 September , netting used to protect household fruit-trees, vegetable gardens, or other fruiting plants must have a mesh size, of 5mm x 5mm or less at full stretch.

Any existing household fruit netting that does not meet this specification must be replaced with appropriate netting from the 1 September commencement date. If you plan to dispose of old netting to landfill it is recommended that you place it into a strong biodegradable bag first.

The regulation applies to both the sale and use of household fruit netting. It does not apply to sale or use of netting in commercial circumstances. Fruit on household trees and plants is a tempting treat for hungry wildlife.

Netting is a popular way to protect fruit, but inappropriate types of netting can kill or injure animals such as birds, possums or flying foxes. Netting with a large mesh size is more likely to entangle animals and their struggling can cause deep cuts and strangulation, often leading to death. Netting used on household fruiting trees or plants must have a mesh size of 5mm x 5mm or less at full stretch.

The use of appropriate mesh sized netting will support a productive harvest while also protecting our vulnerable wildlife from harm. It can be easier to protect selected branches rather than netting the whole tree. A range of bags, sleeves and socks are available to protect fruit on individual branches.

The Australian Tax Office ATO website contains information that will assist people to determine whether their fruit or vegetable growing activities are a hobby or a business. The ATO makes it clear that there is no single factor that determines if a person is in business. Where appropriate, you should seek independent professional advice. Getting help quickly is critical for wildlife that has been caught in netting. If wildlife is entangled in netting, do not try to handle or rescue the animal.

Call a wildlife rescue group to come and safely remove the animal. Some wildlife, especially flying foxes or snakes, carry diseases or may be dangerous. If someone is bitten or scratched by a flying fox, contact a doctor immediately.

Flying foxes can carry Lyssavirus which can be fatal if contracted by humans. Visit Wildlife Victoria to find contact details of wildlife rehabilitation organisations.

Household fruit netting regulations — commenced 1 September From 1 September , netting used to protect household fruit-trees, vegetable gardens, or other fruiting plants must have a mesh size, of 5mm x 5mm or less at full stretch. Why has the regulation been introduced? Reducing the mesh size of netting will greatly reduce the risk of animal entanglement.

What type of netting should be used? It is also recommended that household netting is: white in colour, making it easier for nocturnally active animals to see and avoid it at night made from material with a strand diameter thicker than microns, or with a cross-weave design, to also help reduce injuries and fatalities.

How to use netting When netting the whole tree: Pull netting tightly over the tree. What is meant by household netting? The scale of such an activity should be consistent with other commercial orchard, vineyard or produce businesses.

Protecting wildlife Remove old netting that is not protecting fruit and dispose of safely. If the chosen method is disposal to landfill it is recommended that you place it into a strong biodegradable bag first. Check netted trees every day to ensure the nets are not loose and no animals are caught Wildlife in Victoria are protected under the Wildlife Act , which makes it illegal to wilfully disturb or destroy wildlife.

Helping injured wildlife Getting help quickly is critical for wildlife that has been caught in netting.Contact Visit Wildlife Victoria to find contact details of wildlife rehabilitation organisations.

Possum-Proof Gardens

But we threaten violence when subjected to the incessant scratching, and smell, when they squat in our roof cavities. Then there are the long-suffering gardeners who go out on a beautiful summer morning to admire their rosebush, or to pick fresh lettuce for lunch, and find the rosebush stripped bare or the lettuce clipped to the ground. For gardeners there is now a solution that allows them to live in harmony with possums. Professor Lynne Selwood AO has created a spray that deters possums by using a naturally occurring insecticide found in some chrysanthemum flowers.

The brushtail possum and its ringtail cousin are just two of the 13 species of fruit trees and an extraordinary variety of other plants.

BANNED Possum Guard

The Galvanised Joiner is not attached to the tree. By leaving some overlap the joiner can be repositioned as the tree grows. The unique galvanised strip joining system makes it easy to install. It is ideal for Councils, Botanic Gardens and other areas that have At-risk or Significant Trees that need protection. The guard can also be useful to help reduce predation of endangered bird nests by possums. The guard is also ideal for large fruit trees to prevent possums eating the buds and flowers. Possum Guard is also an effective in keeping possums from accessing utility assets.

How to possum-proof your garden

Whether it is a backyard fruit tree or an orchard, netting can provide a reliable physical barrier between animals and a crop. Growers can use a range of netting options to protect orchard crops from damage by flying foxes, birds, possums, rats, and even some insects. Using the right type of netting will protect the fruit. Using the wrong type, or badly erected netting may injure or kill animals if they become entangled.

This is not my usual instructables but what the heck.

Wildlife friendly netting

Need opossum removal in your hometown? We service over USA locations! Click here to hire us in your town and check prices - updated for yearOpossums are smart marsupials that bow down onto the ground playing dead when they feel danger is near. They are so big that many people have mistaken them as cat sized rats.

The Permaculture Research Institute

National Gardening Week. Budding Young Gardener. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll email you a new password. Possums are furry, predominantly herbivorous and nocturnal marsupials that spend most of their time in trees. Possums are selective browsing feeders and will eat a variety of plants and parts of plants, including leaves, stems, flowers and flower buds, fruit and vegetables. Symptoms include chewed leaves, fruit and flowers or complete defoliation of plants and fruit being eaten entirely.

As is often the case, the best solution is also the simplest. The only time-tested method to protect a patch is by preventing access to it.

Popadome Tree Cover 2.5m x 3.5m

The prospect of a quickly approaching fall has much of the country dreaming of mulled cider and apple pie. Summer has seen the rise of peaches, pears, cherries, and many citrus fruits. As much as these seasonal treats can help fill out a meal or midday snack, humankind is not the only species which loves to harvest those delectable, seasonal fruits.


More details. ExclusionSampler Great way to try 5 of our most popular organic products. Exclusion keeps them all out! Be it bird, fruit fly, fruit bat or other intruder into your harvest. Flexi Frame The world's first and only modular garden frame. Incredibly light-weight, easy to work with, strong and long-lasting.

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User Name Remember Me? How to discourage possums raiding vegie patch and fruit trees? Hi all, Possums, possums, possums. I love 'em. BUT , I need to draw the line when they raid the veggie patch and the fruit trees. They are worse than ratus ratus that can be dealt with, terminally.

The opossum Didelphis virginiana , commonly called a possum, belongs to the marsupial family. These furry omnivores eat fruits, nuts, insects, small mammals and green plants. Omnivores eat tree bark in winter when there are no fruits and nuts available. Bark contains sugar, which is produced by photosynthesis and provides nutrients for possums.