Southern trees bear a strange fruit meaning

Southern trees bear a strange fruit meaning

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Southern trees bear a strange fruit meaning...

“Whosoever looketh on a young woman to lust after her hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.” – James 4:15

The latter days. That was the phrase that kept popping up in conversation with friends and family and the like. The latest parabolic biblical predictions are buzzing with the supposed coming of the apocalypse. Indeed, the final, devastating battle is nigh. No, not nuclear apocalypse – the downfall of civilization through the dissolution of the family unit. A move that started in the Seventies. And it continues on to this day. Many Christians long for this, they yearn for this day, they seek for this day, they plot for this day and they long for it.

There is a piece of the puzzle, a small piece. There is a "green" revolution - no, not the communist one. But a piece of the "green" revolution of the family. And with that revolutionary shift will come new laws and rules - new moral judgments. A new social landscape. That’s not the whole puzzle. Many want a "red" revolution too. Others just want a dead or a silenced America.

For some, the "red" revolution is right in front of them. For some, it is happening right now. But for others, it is a long way off. For others, there is no revolution happening right now or to come. For them, it’s just another "green" that is slowly creeping up the hill.

The Bible tells us about a coming day. And in this time of domestic upheaval, we must be reminded that the “green” is a “revolution”.

A green revolution will be an opportunity for the church to reshape culture. It will, no doubt, cause Christians to look at the world in a new light. How we define and interpret and live our faith will be different than what it was previously. It will no doubt require us to live by different rules. As we redefine ourselves, we’ll be required to rethink everything from the family, to the workforce, to personal relationships. We must reposition ourselves in the light of this shift. To use a modern term, we must re-brand ourselves.

Before we re-brand, we need to understand the rebranding that must be done. We need to know the change, and then know the purpose for the change. If we are not intentional