Apple and pear tree pruning (+ video tutorial)

Apple and pear tree pruning (+ video tutorial)

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Winter and the very beginning of spring is the season for pruning pear trees andApple tree.

While pruning is never essential, it nevertheless helps promote tree growth and fruit tree fructification.

You will never make big mistakes if you follow these tips for proper apple and pear pruning.
These are basic tips that will improve your harvest and ensure the proper development of the tree.

If you are a novice, go gradually, you will see that your experience will quickly be a great asset for you and for your fruit trees.

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Tools for pruning apple and pear trees

If a good shears and one branch cutter may be sufficient, here is the full list of tools you can use.

  • A shears for small branches.
  • A branch cut for large branches.
    Avoid climbing the ladder for tall trees. You can use a branch pruner with a telescopic pole for this.
  • A curved saw for branches of larger diameter which allows sawing by pulling towards you.
  • Eventually, from healing putty for large branches.

Pruning training, after planting

It is done absolutely outside the frost period.
A good size should be sharp, precise and always diagonally to prevent water from seeping into the cut wood.

  • The objective is to form the frame of the tree.
  • Remove them branches that cross to keep only the main and most vigorous.
    This will form the silhouette of the tree.
  • Cut above one eye (a bud) facing out, about two feet from the top of the trunk.
    This operation will promote the development of your fruit tree.
  • Once completed, pruning will actively participate in good development of your tree.

Maintenance pruning of apple and pear trees

The maintenance or fruiting size is the same for pear and apple trees. It is done every year, in autumn and at the end of winter, just before the resumption of vegetation.

It can also be done in winter as long as periods of frost are avoided.

It is important because, without pruning, apple and pear trees only bear fruit every other year.

In autumn :

  • Remove the old fruit which could have remained on the branches especially those affected by moniliosis.
  • Learn more sure fruiting size.

At the end of winter or at the very beginning of spring:

After cleaning it, you must thin out the fruit tree.

  • Do not start remove dead branches, intersecting ones and damaged wood.
  • Remove any branches growing inward from the tree.
    They are of no use and can affect fruiting.
  • Finally make a main branch pruning going around the tree.
    You will cut off the branches from the previous year above the 2nd or 3rd bud.
  • Always prune above a bud outward facing so as not to favor inward growth.

Here are our videos of apple and pear pruning tips:

Video: Pear Tree Pruning (June 2022).