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Mulberry and blackberries: delicious summer berries

Mulberry and blackberries: delicious summer berries

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Mulberry offers delicious blackberries during the summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Rubus fruticosus
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Shrub fruit tree

: 1 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Caduc-Flowering : Summer -Harvest : End of summer

Planting, pruning and maintenance, here are the steps to have a good harvest of blackberries.

Planting the blackberry plant

Choice of thornless mulberry:

You will find in the garden center advice to professionals which will guide you to the best species of thornless mulberry trees.

Mulberry is best planted at autumn, but also until spring outside of frost periods.

  • Maintain a distance ofone meter minimum between each plant.
  • Five blackberry plants will quickly give you a bountiful harvest for the whole family.
  • Choose a sunny place and palisade them.
  • Check out our planting advice.

Maintaining the blackberry plant

It is strongly recommended to trellising mulberry trees as you can see from the photos of our smart gardener.

Buy 2.50 meter (T) fence posts, secure them in two lines, spacing them one to two meters apart and connecting them with reinforcing bars the diameter of the holes in your fence posts.

  • As they grow, tie the year old stems to the reinforcing bars with small strings.
  • No additional maintenance is required, as the plant is not very susceptible to disease.

Mulberry pruning

The size is done in autumn or in winter in cutting flush from the ground the stems having already borne blackberries and jealously guarding the new shoots of the year.

>> To see: Video tips for pruning a mulberry tree:

Blackberry harvest

The shoots of the year are the ones that will bear fruit the following year.

So be patient, the mulberry you are planting this year does not produce until the following year, but the harvest will very quickly be more and more abundant.

The smart gardener that you are will therefore endeavor to surround his mulberry tree with all his attention, especially as it will allow you to taste and enjoy excellent jams or jellies.

For a bountiful harvest, choose one of the most productive varieties like Apache, Dirksen, Smoothstern or Darrow.

Harvest of wild blackberries:

Who does not know the brambles of our countryside, the object from August of all the covetousness of our cooks?

Who does not keep, secretly and even jealously, the most fruitful sites, to get there in secret and be able to Ripe Fruit Jam or the Jelly Blackberry of his dreams!

The best time to harvest wild blackberries vary by region and climate, but it can be said that it usually lasts from August to the end of September.

Blackberry tip

Grow blackberries for your jams, your pies, your crumbles or your blackberry juice: the result is guaranteed!

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Video: Difference Between Blackberries u0026 Mulberries (May 2022).


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