A scent garden!

A scent garden!

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Many scented plants and flowers give the garden olfactory notes that further awaken our senses and our pleasure.

If the scent of lily of the valley is only revealed on the nose, others spread far away, such as lilac or Mexican orange tree, or nearby, such as mimosa.

Small anthology of plants with fragrant virtues.

The scented climbers

  • Clematis

With your foot in the shade, your head in the sun, at the foot of a wall or on a balcony. This is the requirement of the clematis. Among them, Clematis armandii spreads a sophisticated scent with notes of almond. Prune it after flowering.

  • Wisteria

The best known, Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) is mauve or white (‘Alba’), with an intense fragrance. It flowers profusely in May, then summer, and enjoys full sun.

  • Honeysuckle

Planted in partial shade, this vigorous honeysuckle is generous in fragrant flowers. The variety Lonicera japonica gives white flowers from June to October and supports container culture (sun or partial shade).

  • Sweet peas

This annual plant (Lathyrus odoratus sp.) will be a nice addition to wire mesh and will be enjoyed in pots. Read our advice sheet on sweet peas.

The fragrant nocturnal flowers

  • The beautiful night

Its yellow or pink flowers do not open until late afternoon and give off hints of jasmine. The beauty of the night (Mirabilis jalapa) loves the sun, but requires a rich and well-watered soil: essential fertilizer during flowering!

  • The ladies' julienne

White or mauve, this perennial (Hesperis matronalis) does not live long, but reseeds easily. From May to June, its tall stems give off flowers whose scent, in the evening, evokes that of jasmine.

Easy plants

  • Wallflower

Ideal for poor and stony soils, wallflower ravenelle (Erysimum cheiri) exudes a powerful fragrance and embellishes the walls with its bright colors

  • Catnip

Nicknamed "catnip", catnip (Nepeta cataria) attracts tomcats thanks to its aromatic leaves. The wallflower gives off a delicious fragrance. These two rustic love the sun. As for the chocolate cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus), it is sought after for its slight smell of cocoa

Scented shrubs

Daphne, jasmine, buddléia (the butterfly bush), viburnums ... There are many shrubs with exceptional scents. Among the typical scents of roses centifolia and damascena, many nuances exist in hybrid varieties. Very floriferous, uplifting and resistant, the ‘Martin des Senteurs variety®’ is distinguished by orange flowers with a fruity scent.

Scented aromatics

Next to lavender and rosemary, that require well-drained soils, consider easy and little-known aromatics:

• Lemon balm

• Medicinal hyssop

• The fragrant dill

• Mints: peppery, green, ‘Chocolate Peppermint’, Eau de Cologne ’...

• Lemon verbena

• The curry plant (Helichrysum)

Fragrances in jars

The alysses line the pots well and give off a delicate smell of honey from May to September. Lobularia Snow Princess® is a vigorous and drooping variety.

Small hardy shrub, Cape jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides ‘Klem’s Hardy’) produces very fragrant star flowers and evergreen leaves.

By C. Levesque

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