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Lily of the valley: from planting to flowering

Lily of the valley: from planting to flowering

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Lily of the valley is a very pretty flower, it is also the symbol of May 1st, Labor Day.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Convallaria
Family : Asparagaceae
Type : Herbaceous perennial

Height : 15 to 25 cm
Exposure : Partial shade, shade
Ground : Rich, well-drained and humus-rich

Flowering : April May -Harvest : May

Caring for lily of the valley from planting to flowering is a snap and a real pleasure when it is in bloom!

Planting lily of the valley

Lily of the valley can be planted in autumn in regions with fairly mild winters. But that does not absolutely guarantee you a flowering on May 1st ...

You can also plant it at early spring, around March after the last winter frosts.

  • Plant the claws of the lily of the valley, barely burying the roots so as to let the bud protrude
  • Thrush does not grow well if planted too deep
  • Plant the lily of the valley in small groups for a nice covering effect
  • Count 15 to 20 claws per m2

If you plant your lily of the valley in the shade like an undergrowth, you will see thatit will multiply and advantageously flood this space.

  • Lily of the valley needs rich, cool soil
  • Lily of the valley loves the undergrowth
  • Bring compost if needed

Lily of the valley in a pot:

If you have just bought or received a pretty little lily of the valley in a pot, it is possible to replant it after flowering.

  • If your lily of the valley likes it where it is, it will multiply on its own to form a nice carpet after a few years

Maintenance of thrush

Lily of the valley does not require a lot of care if it is not to be watered in case of drought or high heat

  • Lily of the valley likes freshness, keep this in mind
  • Water in the evening if the soil is dry
  • Avoid overwatering the foliage, especially in hot weather

To know about lily of the valley

This perennial which symbolizes "May 1st" has a relatively short flowering time, which constitutes a real headache for horticulturalists who must at all costs deliver in bloom on May 1st.

By playing on the light mainly, to delay or accelerate flowering, they will however manage to brighten up our homes on Labor Day!

In the forest, in its natural environment, lily of the valley is a very good indicator of the age and naturalness of the forest.

Why is thrush on May 1

Why is lily of the valley the flower of May 1, Labor Day?

The tradition dates back to the Renaissance when Charles IX got into the habit of offering a sprig to each of the ladies making up his court. This tradition then spread throughout the Kingdom.

Labor Day arrives much later since it was in 1793 that it first appeared in the Republican calendar. We then associate this celebration with lily of the valley as an emblem.

But this association of lily of the valley with Labor Day will be lost until the 20th century.

It was then in Nantes that the tradition was resumed with the sale of lily of the valley in the streets and that the authorization to spread to resell lily of the valley from his garden or gathered in the woods without authorization.

Today, Nantes and its region is the main production area of ​​Muguet in France.

Smart tip

Avoid full sun, lily of the valley love the freshness that we will seek in the shade!

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