Cyclamen: a wonderful plant

Cyclamen: a wonderful plant

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Cyclamen is one of the pretty flowers to bloom indoors in fall and winter.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cyclamen
Family : Primulaceae
Flowering : November to March

: 5 to 10 cm
Exposure : Partial shade
Ground : Lightweight and well-drained

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  • Cyclamen of Naples, the outdoor cyclamen
  • Cyclamen Coum, the winter cyclamen

Caring for, planting and watering cyclamen will help you keep it blooming year after year.

Planting cyclamen

Cyclamen is mostly found in the fall and winter, here's how to plant or repot it for potted cyclamen

Properly plant the cyclamen:

It is recommended to plant cyclamen bulbs at the end of summer or to early fall.

  • Space each bulb 10-20 cm apart and bury them about 3-4 cm deep.

It can be used in a pot, in a planter, but also in semi-shaded beds.

  • In any case, do not cover the bulb only superficially of earth mixed with potting soil.

For the cyclamen purchased already in bloom, make sure that there are buds forming as this is the guarantee of a prolonged flowering.

Cyclamen seedlings:

The sowing is quite easy. Just collect the seeds when the capsules open and place them in pots of potting soil.

  • Soak the seeds for several hours in lukewarm water to speed up germination.

Indoor cyclamen

Choose a place luminous But without direct sun.

Avoid proximity to heat sources such as a radiator or a south-facing window.

The ideal temperature being around 16 to 18 °

Cyclamen dread the heat and appreciates a certain coolness at night.

Under these conditions, your cyclamen can flower from the month of September through May.

If you don't have a cool room in your house, look for a north facing window sill. (Photo © Anna)

Cyclamen maintenance

Well installed, the cyclamen is easy to maintain.

Remove faded or yellowed flowers:

To do this, remove the entire stem that carries the flower by making a small rotation and pulling sharply.

This operation is necessary because if there is a piece of wilted stem left, it may rot and cause the bulb to rot.

Fertilizers and cyclamen:

An essential condition for prolonging the flowering of cyclamen.

In order to have a spectacular flowering, add 1 time per week offertilizer for flowering plants.

> In video, the care tips for the indoor cyclamen

Watering cyclamen

Watering your cyclamen well is essential to keep your cyclamen as long as possible.

Indoor cyclamen:

Wait until the soil is completely dry between 2 waterings and avoid any excess water which could drown the plant.

2 to 3 waterings per week will be more than enough.

Cyclamen outdoors:

Natural watering by rain should be sufficient except in hot weather or prolonged drought.

Cyclamen after flowering

Since the early spring, the plant will go into dormancy.

It is then possible to to bloom again in the following fall, keeping the bulb at rest during summer.

  • For this, keep the in a dry place rather cool and dark.
  • As soon as a certain freshness returns, generally in September or October, it should bloom again.

Cyclamen diseases

  • Cyclamen leaves wither

It’s like they’ve been burnt. This is too much sun, protect your plants from direct sunlight.

  • Withering leaves

If your plant looks gray it is often due to overwatering or the proximity of a heat source such as a radiator.

  • Cyclamen leaves turn yellow

Bring him some fertilizer, it's definitely related to a lack of food.

  • Stained flowers

It's probably related to excess humidity. It is important not to water the foliage or the flowers of the cyclamen.

  • The flowers lose their shine

If they seem a little pale, remove the wilted flowers as you go and add fertilizer once a week.

Smart tip

A contribution oforganic fertilizer regular special "flowering plants" will greatly promote the development of the plant as well as its flowering.

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