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Tiller: many advantages

Tiller: many advantages

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The rototiller is a very useful tool when embarking on the creation of a vegetable patch or a lawn, but also for plowing the soil, hoeing or weeding.

Small or large, the tiller or tiller greatly facilitates all of this work by avoiding unnecessary fatigue or damaging your back.

While this material was originally intended for professionals, a wide range now exists for individuals.

The tiller:

The tiller is an ideal machine for surfaces greater than 500 m2.

Usually equipped with engines whose power is between 4 and 10 CV, the tiller has the particularity of having its tillers at the rear of the machine.

So this is the motor that drives the wheels using a gimbal or belt.

Usually with a reverse gear and several speeds, its handling is relatively simple.

It is essential for the creation of lawns but also to plow and maintain the vegetable garden in the fall and early spring. Note that this is the ideal way tobury amendments and composts.

Advantages of the tiller:

  • Large working capacity thanks to a width of up to 80 cm
  • High power allowing to work the most difficult grounds
  • Ease of handling thanks to reverse gear and speeds
  • Possibility of pulling a cultivator

Disadvantages of the tiller:

  • Larger footprint
  • More important maintenance
  • Cost varying between 400 and 2000 euros depending on the type of traction

The tiller

Usually equipped with a 4 to 6 HP motor, it is used for the maintenance of flower beds, beds or the regular hoeing of your vegetable garden.

Unlike the tiller, the movement is not done thanks to the wheels but thanks to the strawberry rotation.

The greater the engine power, the more cutters there are and the working width.

If you have to create a lawn, prefer the tiller whose strawberries are deeper to the tiller whose power may be very insufficient.

Advantages of the tiller:

  • It makes it easy to work on small surfaces
  • Greater maneuverability especially in steep areas
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Available in an electric model even if it loses power
  • Allows routine maintenance of the vegetable garden
  • Cost generally varying between 100 and 1000 euros depending on whether it is electric or thermal

Disadvantages of the tiller:

  • Does not allow the earth to be turned over to create a turf
  • Remains quite limited in the maintenance of a vegetable garden even if its effectiveness is not zero.
  • Requires great attention for electric models not to cut the wire

In summary, the purchase of a tiller or tiller mainly depends on the use that you are going to do with it.

Even though the budget varies from model to modele, the regular maintenance of a vegetable garden or the creation of a lawn requires a tiller, while most other work will be perfectly done with a tiller.

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