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Cinquefoil: a pretty shrubby plant

Cinquefoil: a pretty shrubby plant

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The cinquefoil is a very pretty, easy-care shrub plant that blooms throughout the summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Potentilla
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Shrub or perennial

: 0.5 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Obsolete
Flowering : April to October

Easy to grow and maintain, here are all the tips for seeing your cinquefoil bloom throughout the seasons.

Planting cinquefoil

Purchased in a container, the cinquefoil is plantedfall or spring.

This small flowering shrub adapts perfectly to all types of soil, whether rich or poor, dry or slightly moist.

  • Never plant cinquefoil during frost
  • Not very sensitive to the nature of the soil, install it in full sun or in a lightly shaded place.
  • The more sun they have, the longer will be their flowering

Multiplication of cinquefoil:

Shrubby cinquefoils are very easy to cut by removing young shoots in August.

Potentilla in pot:

Its reasonable size allows it to be grown in pots quite easily. Prefer a sunny place but not too hot in summer.

  • The pot should be of sufficient diameter to leave room for the roots to develop.
  • Make sure the pot is drilled through the bottom to avoid standing water.
  • Water regularly in summer to prevent the soil from drying out.
  • Good mulching in summer you will save practically 1 in 2 watering.
  • Adding fertilizer for flowering shrubs at the end of winter will ensure it blooms beautifully from the first fine days.

Pruning and caring for cinquefoil

Cinquefoil is easy to care for, and only light annual pruning should keep you looking pretty and boost summer flowering.

  • When vegetation returns, trim the plant slightly to give it a nice shape.
    This will also stimulate the flowering to come
  • Remove wilted flowers as you go.
  • After flowering, lightly prune the stems that have given flowers.

Watering the cinquefoil:

It is recommended to water the cinquefoil regularly the first year after planting to promote rooting.

Once properly in place, normal rainfall should be sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.

  • Water in case of prolonged drought or hot weather.
  • For the potted cinquefoils, water when the substrate is dry on the surface.

To know about the cinquefoil

Very beautiful flowering for this shrub rapid growth and whose culture is very easy.

You will enjoy its very pretty flowers which are renewed from spring to autumn.

But we find in the cinquefoil annual species, other perennials and finally these small shrubs. This shrubby cinquefoil has a very interesting bushy habit, a generous bloom ranging from white to red through yellow.

It particularly finds its place on the edge, but also in massive or rockery.
This plant is particularly suitable for pot culture on a terrace or balcony due to its restricted development.

Finally, note that the cinquefoil is very rustic and perfectly resists negative temperatures down to -25 °.

Smart tip about cinquefoil

Take advantage of its low height to install cinquefoils with perennials.

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