Solanum, a false air of jasmine

Solanum, a false air of jasmine

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Solanum is a wonderful climber, fast growing and flowering profusely throughout the summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Solanum jasminoides
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Shrub, climbing plant

: 5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained

: Persistent or semi-persistent
Flowering : July to November

Maintenance from planting to pruning solanum is easy and blooms often spectacular from spring through fall.

Planting solanum

The planting solanum preferably takes place in spring but you will also plant the solanum in summer provided water well in the beginning.

It is possible to plant a solanum in the fall in regions with mild winters such as the southwest of France or the Mediterranean.

  • Although a climbing plant, solanum is planted like a shrub
  • Follow the same planting advice.

Multiply the solanum:

If you want to take advantage of a beautiful existing solanum to multiply it, it is very simple, do a cuttings or layering in summer.

Maintenance and pruning of solanum

An easy plant, especially when properly installed, Solanum is a climber that requires almost no care.

Maintenance of solanum:

Solanum is an easy plant and requires very little maintenance throughout the seasons.

  • Water regularly during the first 2 years after planting
  • Afertilizer port in spring and summer will promote and prolong flowering

Solanum size:

No size is really essential but you can balance or reduce the antlers.

Solanum can indeed quickly become intrusive when it is securely in place and it is then necessary to prune or even fold back regularly.

  • You have to prune in spring and in summer if multiple sizes are needed.
  • You can cut back the solanum strongly, it will only bloom better.
  • You will take the opportunity to remove dead wood, broken or fragile branches.
  • Never prune in the fall as this will weaken your solanum before winter.

Solanum in winter and in the face of frost

Solanum fears frost. It is resistant to negative temperatures but, above -5 ° or -6 °, it will be necessary protect against frost because he will not resist.

When buying, find out about the hardiness of solanum because some varieties can withstand temperatures down to -12 °

The first years it is essential to protect the foot with a thick layer of dried leaves for example (at least 20 to 30 cm)

If the foliage nevertheless suffered frost, simply cut everything in spring and your solanum will start again if the roots have been well protected.

To know about the solanum

Solanum jasminoides that we also called faux jasmine is a beautiful shrub native to Brazil. Its flowers indeed resemble that of jasmine but do not have their scent.

He has the advantage ofto be climbing when it is trained and to offer a very pretty bloom with a sweet scent of jasmine.

Relatively easy to maintain and grow, you can set it up at the foot of a wall, fence or even an old tree trunk that will serve as a support for hanging on and climbing.

Sometimes invasive, do not hesitate to cut back the solanum every year.

Smart tip

Plant it near a place you like to rest or have lunch in your garden to enjoy its pleasant scent.

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