Decorative mulching: cocoa shells

Decorative mulching: cocoa shells

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Cocoa shell is an excellent mulch and an effective seasonal fertilizer.

Very aesthetic and endowed with incomparable agronomic characteristics, it is the perfect mulch for all the plants of the garden and also of your balconies or terraces.

Widely used by landscape professionals, the cocoa shell is considered a high quality mulch.

Usefulness of the cocoa shell

  • Decorated admirably the beds and plantations as well as the boxes and planters.
  • Fertilize gradually the ground.
  • Limit weeds.
  • Wind resistant after being watered.
  • Protects the roots against frost.

The cocoa shells enhance your plants thanks to their beautiful cocoa color.

Its agronomic values ​​and its pH around 5.7 make it the best of fertilizing mulches.

Use of cocoa shells

Before spreading the cocoa shells, it is essential to have completed the plantings.

Then spread a layer of approximately 4 to 5 cm thick and water so that the hulls stick together and form a protective layer permeable to water, air and fertilizer.

A few days later, a thin white film will appear and indicate that the mulch is working effectively.
6 to 8 months later, mix the mulch with the soil to further fertilize it and repeat the operation every year.

Cocoa shells, dog and cat

Be careful, cocoa pods or hulls are very toxic to animals such as cats and dogs. They contain, like chocolate, theobromine.

This substance can be toxic if swallowed by your pet and it may be necessary to consult a veterinarian urgently.

Smart tip

You can also use the cocoa shells mixed with soil or potting soil. this operation will aerate your soil and strengthen fertilization!

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