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Savoy kale: the ally of all diets

Savoy kale: the ally of all diets

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The kale orsavoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea)is a leaf vegetable belonging to the Brassicaceae family.

Native to Europe, this wild plant has given rise to subspecies with extremely diverse characteristics over the centuries.

Hismajor importance in the diet of the Frenchdates back to the Middle Ages and we recognize many benefits and virtues on our health.

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Savoy cabbage and its health benefits

  • For a long time, cabbage was considered effective in combating chest and lung ailments. Cabbage boiled in water was also used to relieveinflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, dysentery or ascites linked to hepatic cirrhosis.
  • Today, cabbage is one of the top ten health-food : used in slimming programs, it is recognized for its antioxidant virtues and recommended for its richness in fibers and in trace elements.

Used in slimming programs

  • Kale is a very good source ofvitamin C which contributes to maintaining the integrity of theskin, helphealing wounds, protects cells against premature aging caused byfree radicals and facilitates functionsimmune.
  • Head cabbage is recommended indyspeptic disorders various (gastric burns, hiatus hernias, nausea, regurgitation, hepatobiliary dyspepsia). It calms the pains ofgastric ulcer, duodenal and gastritis.
  • Cabbage helpsregularize naturally the intestinal functions.
  • Cabbage is a good source ofcalcium, essential for the health ofbone, to contractionmuscular, to the regularization ofpressure arterial, the healing ofwounds and the transmission ofnerve impulses.
  • With its contribution inpotassium, kale reduces the risk of diseasecardiovascular.
  • Rich invitamins andmineral salts, cabbage is beneficial in caseanemia.
  • For external use, raw cabbage helpshealing and relieves rheumatic pains, headaches, sciatica and aching joints.
  • In cure, kale promises significant elimination and rapidweightloss. The "cabbage soup" diet (kale broth, tomatoes, garlic, onion, peppers, carrots, celery and parsley) morning noon and evening, however, should not exceed one week.

Growing Savoy Cabbage for Its Benefits

  • Plant your Savoy sprouts in a place airy, enough wet, in full sun but away from very hot weather. Savoy cabbage needs rich, deep, well-drained soil. During the summer, make sure that the earth does not does not dry out in depth.
  • You can plant your cabbage in a pot, in a 25 cm container. He should like it.
  • At the start of cultivation, beware ofslugs andsnails, they are formidable. Plants wilt due to attacks fromcabbage white flies. When the weather is wet, themildew cabbage is rampant and causes yellowing of the leaves.Flea beetles, piérides,weevilsnoctuidsaphids and otherswhite grubsare also counted among the enemies of the head cabbage.

Vegetable garden : how to grow kale properly

Savoy cabbage in cooking and properties

Savoy cabbage is delicious raw, in salads. It is also eaten cooked, in a hotpot, in cabbage soup or in stuffed cabbage. It also goes very well with fish.

For the fragile intestines, the ideal is to do bleach cabbage in boiling water for about 10 minutes before beginning the actual recipe. You can also add cumin or green anise seeds in the cooking water to aid digestion.

Nutritional intake

20 kcal / 100 g. Savoy cabbage is very rich in vitamin C, potassium and sulfur.

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