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Broom: color in spring

Broom: color in spring

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Broom is a wonderful shrub with yellow flowers that blooms in spring.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cytisus scoparius
Family : Fabaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, rather sandy

: Expired -Flowering : Spring

Easy to maintain, planting and pruning will help improve the growth and flowering of the broom.

Planting broom

Purchased in a container, the broom is planted equally well inautumn that at spring but always outside the periods of frost.

But like most shrubs, it's by planting it in November that you will facilitate the recovery.

If you plant your Scotch Broom in the spring, schedule regular watering during the first summer.

  • Scotch broom likes sunny situations to flower well.
  • Follow our planting advice.

Scotch broom cutting:

The easiest and fastest technique to propagate broom is cuttings.

  • The best time for cuttings is summer, on wood without flowers.
  • The ideal substrate is a special cutting soil.

Broom pruning and maintenance

Broom is an easy shrub that requires little care, both pruning and watering.

It is best not to prune too soon after planting so that it takes its natural shape quickly.

In the following years, prune the twigs of the broom year after flowering about half.

You can also restore a beautiful silhouette to your broom just after flowering.

  • All about the size of the shrubs

Brush broom watering:

On the watering side, only the first year requires a regular water supply.

To know about the broom

Sometimes confused with thegorse, this shrub has a generous flowering and very colorful, like a golden ball during a good part of spring.

Her growth is relatively fast and it will adapt to most settings.

The Genets do only live a few years, 5 years at the most, which obliges to replace them at the end of this good period.

You can also multiply it after 2-3 years by performing cuttings, which allows to regularly renew the feet.

Very resistant to cold and frost, you will have no fear of seeing it suffer down to about -15 °.

Remarkable varieties of broom:

From yellow to purple to white, there are a large number of varieties of broom.

  • Cytisus albus : Pretty white flowers in spring
  • Cytisus kewensis : Delicate bloom of white-cream color
  • Cytise purpureus : Appreciated for its original purple color
  • Cytisus Scoparius : The most common, recognizable by its golden yellow color
  • Cytisus beanni : Very beautiful intense yellow flowering

Smart tip

To protect the roots from the cold during winter, be smart and mulch the foot of the tree with a vegetable mulch !

We use the branches from pruning to form brooms.

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