Brittany hydrangeas circuit Ploermel

Brittany hydrangeas circuit Ploermel

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In Morbihan, a circuit bordered by vividly colored beds takes us to the discovery of 530 varieties of hydrangeas.

An emblematic plant of Brittany, thehydrangea illuminates with its white, pink, blue, purple or purple flowers the old stones and slate roofs of the region.

In Ploërmel, 30 minutes south of Rennes, the hydrangea reigns supreme. This is where the Hydrangea Circuit begins, a three-kilometer hiking trail lined with more than 5,000 hydrangeas (their scientific name). This place for walks and exhibitions, which follows the old railway line to the shores of Lac au Duc, was born in 2000 from the meeting of two enthusiasts: an elected official in charge of town planning and a nurseryman. He is enrolled in the Conservatory of Specialized Plant Collections (CCVS).

A thousand shapes and colors on the hydrangea circuit

The tour begins with a visit to a 800 meter arboretum, which offers a sample of the many varieties and colors of hydrangea.

The opportunity to familiarize yourself with its large families: macrophylas, or "ball hydrangeas", flat-flowered hydrangeas, hydrangeas paniculata and quercifolia (recognizable by their leaves that resemble those of oak).
Along the circuit, which takes an hour and a half, hydrangea shows its many faces: miniature varieties with phantom paniculata ten meters high, delicate flowers of macrophyla pompadour with star petals of cassiopeia hydrangea ...

Flowered from May to October, hydrangeas change colors depending on the type of soil. The famous Brittany blue reflects a acidic earth rich in aluminum ; red, on the other hand, is obtained in more neutral lands. Each shade gains in intensity over the months, guaranteeing an ever-changing spectacle.

After the ride, a visit to the Nursery Les Hortensias du Haut-Bois, in Taupont, a few minutes by car. More than 50,000 hydrangeas are offered for sale there in a setting that invites you to stroll. Ideal for refueling for your garden!

For more information, contact the Ploërmel Tourist Office on 02 97 74 02 70.

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