Parish garden: the return of the garden of yesteryear

Parish garden: the return of the garden of yesteryear

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Priest's garden

All imbued with wisdom and the charm of yesteryear, the priest's garden smells of a lost paradise.

How to recreate this outdated atmosphere?

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Principles of the parish garden

Adjoining the cure, the priest's garden had to provide for the priest's multiple needs. There were mixed vegetables and flowers, fruits and medicinal plants. It's that mix, organized in clever jumble which will give your garden its atmosphere. The crops are arranged in flower beds or square beds bordered by boxwood or from thyme.

Start by drawing your flower beds using a spade or a line. Delimit small spaces, so that your plants are accessible. If you are lucky enough to have a wall, use stakes to climb nasturtiums or sweet peas. Arrange hollyhocks and sunflowers at the foot of which you will plant wallflowers and gaillardes. Do not forget gooseberries, Cassis and raspberries.

Between the rows of vegetables, sow immortal and forget-me-not. Plant a square of aromatic plants, mint, verbena, sage, savory and angelic. You can try the wormwood, a beautiful rustic plant but very tall, which needs to be saved a little space. Give pride of place to ancient vegetables: tetragon, cardes, patties ...

Place of rest and meditation

A priest's garden should invite contemplation. At the corner of a massif, we can install a bench suitable for rest. If it is stone, this is ideal, otherwise, choose a wooden bench like those in the squares.

Manufacturers specializing in atmospheres from the past offer zinc basins and watering cans, new replicas of the old ones, and which have the advantage of being waterproof.

Above an alley, place an iron arch at the foot of which you will plant a climbing rose or a honeysuckle under which it will be good to pass.

A tool shed will be practical and will fit into the decor.

Line the beds with frames where your seedlings will grow comfortably. Under the gutter, place a water collector barrel rain. If you're lucky enough to have a well, climb a clematis around the winch.

Along the paths, arrange flower pots, in terracotta, in which you will grow lavender and geraniums. Treat yourself to a wrought iron gazebo with a guaranteed obsolete effect!

Finally, if your garden is large enough, a pond will add a refreshing note.

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