Prevent and fight against powdery mildew

Prevent and fight against powdery mildew

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Powdery mildew is a fungus from the erysiphaceae family that is quite common in some plants.

It is characterized by the appearance of a kind of mold or a light white down.

This fungus can affect a large number of plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs and roses.

Why does powdery mildew grow?

Powdery mildew grows more readily in hot weather associated with high ambient humidity.

It usually appears in the month ofApril May when temperatures rise and the humidity of March / April is still very present.

It is also found at early fall, when the nights get longer and the humidity stagnates again.

How to treat powdery mildew?

It is recommended to treat powdery mildew preventively and curatively.

  • Aerate the plantations well to prevent moisture from stagnating.
  • Powdery mildew spreads when plants are too tightly packed ...
  • Immediately remove affected parts.
  • Burn the leaves and infested parts of the plant.
  • Avoid excessive watering.
  • Optionally spray a fungicide.

Especially if it is vegetables, preferably choose biological control methods:

  • Milk. Mix 1/2 liter of milk with 4.5 liters of water (total 5L) and spray every week until completely gone!

Each species has its own form of powdery mildew: that is, the one that touches the vine will not touch the rose bush.

Trees and shrubs most affected by powdery mildew are

The Oak, maple, quince, the Apple tree, headstand, the rosebush, fish it, hawthorn, the currant, or Vine.

In the vegetable garden, powdery mildew mainly affects :

Radishes, leeks, corn, strawberry, courgette, the pickle, the carrot, eggplant, beet, endive, the cucumber or Potato.

In this photo the powdery mildew affecting the vine and the grapes.

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