Create a flower bed: the 7 rules to follow

Create a flower bed: the 7 rules to follow

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Creating a flower bed cannot be improvised and requires a little technique if you want an aesthetic result.

However, you don't have to be a landscaper to do this.

If you follow our advice, then, creating a flower bed will hold no secrets for you.

1. Adapt the plants to the natural environment

The first rule to follow (and arguably the most important) in making your flower bed is toadapt the choice of plants to their future growing conditions. They will then flourish much better.

The elements to take into account are:

  • the climate (harsh winter or not, dry or wet summer);
  • the type of soil in your garden;
  • slope;
  • exposure (sunny, partial shade or shade).

2. Play with the colors of the massif

When you look at your garden, what you see first are its colors : the green of the grass, the trees, the different colors of the flowers, etc. With these colors, you can create three types of effects: the monochrome, theharmonyand the contrast.

The monochrome

Here the goal is simple: choose a color of bloom or foliage and come in different shades. For example, if you choose red, the color palette will be bright red, scarlet, vermilion, carmine, etc.


Unlike the monochrome, harmony allows vary colors. To stay on the example of red, you will have to choose plants in orange hues. If your color is blue, then go for green, etc.

The contrast

This time, you have to choose the opposite colorto the one you have chosen:

  • blue for orange;
  • green for red;
  • yellow for purple;

Smart tip

To help you choose colors, use a chromatic circle.

3. Vary the heights

Brighten up your garden by adding volume to your flower bed and have fun vary the heights of plants and blooms.

However, to enjoy everyone, consider a group photo: the little ones in front and the bigger ones behind!

4. Diversify the shapes of the massif

We tend to reduce the interest of a bed when it blooms. But we must not forget that flowers are not eternal. And when they are no longer there, you should be able to count on other factors to liven up your garden.

Then vary the shapes of the plants and shrubs: in tuft, erect, creeping, etc. Thus, you will bring movementto your flowerbed.

5. Imagine your flower bed in every season

Many times we think that a garden in winter is sad. This is not true. By properly using what nature offers, you can easily make a winter garden very aesthetic:

  • grassesblooming in beige hues;
  • dogwoodbarkscarlet red, willow with bright yellow branches, etc. ;
  • evergreen shrubswith flamboyant colors like the Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’for example.

For other seasons, just imagine how your plants will change over the rest of the year:

  • bright green foliage in spring and scarlet red in autumn;
  • spring, summer, fall blooms;

6. Have fun with textures

Downy leaves ofStachysembossedwrinkled viburnum, smooth, brilliantor dull, plants offer many possibilities of association to decorate your beds and not fall into monotony.

7. Make a plan before making your flower bed

Without necessarily taking you for Monet or Van Gogh, put your project on paper.

Thus, you will visualize your massif much better: spaces, volumes, colors, etc.

When it comes to realization, you will gain in speed of work and serenity.

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