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5 grandmother's remedies to face winter

5 grandmother's remedies to face winter

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Winter often brings with it its maze of colds and "cold snaps". Here are some ideas for combating winter ailments.

Royal jelly, a natural fortifier

From the first frost, we play the prevention card.

We strengthen our immune system to fight against winter viruses.

Very rich in nutrients, royal jelly is an excellent natural fortifier.

It gives a boost of energy and protects the cells.

It is sometimes combined with propolis or ginseng.

Honey for coughs

Another beehive product with recognized virtues since the dawn of time. Honey is used after the infection has set in. In particular, it helps to treat coughs, whether dry or oily.

Antimicrobial, honey helps cleanse the throat while making it softer. However, its use is not recommended for babies and young children.

Ginger for sore throats

In traditional Chinese medicine, sore throats and coughs are treated with infusions of ginger roots.

Its twelve antiviral components also fight against fever or nausea.

It is used sparingly as too much ginger can cause heartburn or even indigestion.

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Garlic for fever

Drinking a cup of hot milk flavored with a clove or two of garlic doesn't sound so good. Yet this mixture helps fight the symptoms of influenza, like fever.

Thanks to its antiseptic and antispasmodic properties, garlic eliminates toxins. We don't hesitate to add a clove to our meals in order to strengthen our immune defenses.

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Eucalyptus for runny noses

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral, eucalyptus is a renowned remedy for congested airways.

It is used when the nose is blocked or when you spend the day blowing your nose.

Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to boiling water.

The vapors of the mixture are inhaled deeply. After 15 minutes, the nasal congestion disappeared.

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