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Grapefruit: vitamins and an anti-fatigue remedy!

Grapefruit: vitamins and an anti-fatigue remedy!

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Refreshing fruit and exceptionally rich in vitamin C, grapefruit is a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia and belonging to the family of Rutaceae.
Often confused with the pomelo (hybrid citrus fruit from orange blossom and grapefruit), grapefruit is a concentrate of vitamins essential for our daily lives.
Although preferring warm climates, is cultivated in France (Corsica and Côte d´Azur) but must be protected in winter.

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Grapefruit, a bit of history

Fruit of the grapefruit also called "citrus maxima»(In Asia), grapefruit had been consumed in Japan for more than 4000 years for purify and hydrate the skin. Towards the end of the 17th century, grapefruit seeds were introduced to Barbados, then to the West Indies, and in 1800 to Florida.

In 1930, this acid-flavored fruit became very popular for its "miracle" slimming effects, before being forgotten after a few years.

Much later, in the early 1980s, the famous "Hollywood diet" (grapefruit-based slimming cure) became very popular again before losing its notoriety again, since no scientific study has been able to validate its action on the intake. weight.

Characteristics, benefits and virtues of grapefruit

Rare in Europe, the grapefruit is grown on soils fresh, sandy, acidic, non-calcareous, rich in organic materials and well drained. It can be planted outdoors, in a glass roof, in a greenhouse, in a large pot, in a veranda or in the ground.

It is characterized by large green leaves, pointed, persistent and White flowers and scented. Gathered in clusters, its fruits ripen in January, and are half as sweet as orange.

Grown in tropical countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, South China, Malaysia), grapefruit is a citrus thick skinned colored greenish, at pink flesh tender (quarter-shaped) and with several glitches. Depending on the variety, it weighs between 500g and 8 kg, measures between 10 and 30 cm in diameter.
Sometimes pear-shaped, this fruit contains potassium, of copper, calcium, fruit acids, of phosphorus, flavonoids, essential fibers (pectin), carotenoids, carbohydrates, limonoids but also vitamins A, B2, B1, B5, B3 and C.

As to therapeutic benefits, we will remember from grapefruit that it is a:

  • antioxidant,
  • antiseptic,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • diuretic,
  • astringent,
  • cholesterol lowering.

To these medicinal properties, are recognized by grapefruit, those anti-fatigue or stimulating the digestion.

Medicinal virtues, uses, dosage of grapefruit

The herbal medicine recommends consuming the grapefruit whole: zest, membranes, pulp, seeds (as oil) and even the inside of the skin!

This citrus fruit multiple therapeutic virtues is therefore recommended for:

  • prevent them cardiovascular illnesses, some cancers (which affect the respiratory and digestive systems) and neurogenerative conditions,
  • reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) for the benefit of good cholesterol (HDL),
  • To fight against tired and the constipation.

Grapefruit is just like pink or red vegetables and fruits, a protective agent for gums, teeth and bones. Its concentrate of vitality and its action on the development of tumors should not be neglected.

The nutritionists recommend consuming 1 glass of grapefruit juice per day or 4 fruits (quartered) per week.

Smart tip about grapefruit

Prefer the grapefruit juice « in a hurry homeTo the industrial one. Indeed, the latter sometimes contains albedo: a substance that can reduce or increase the effect of a drug.

Note that theinteraction grapefruit with some drugs may turn out serious, even fatal. In the event of treatment (hypercholesterolemia, cancer, depression, heart problems, gastrointestinal reflux, arterial hypertension, etc.) it is strongly recommended to have a medical advice before consuming it.

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