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Nutmeg: benefits and virtues

Nutmeg: benefits and virtues

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The nutmegor (Myristica fragrans)is the core of the fruit of nutmeg, an exotic condiment plant from the myristicaceae family, native to Indonesia.

It was discovered in Europe in the Middle Ages. It has many virtues and health benefits.

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Nutmeg and its health benefits

Properties therapeutic and pharmacological of the'Essential oil nutmeg were discovered in the 17th century. Today, nutmeg is recommended in treatment very many affections.

  • Nutmeg is digestive and stimulating. It promotes digestion, calm downaerophagia, the digestive spasms and the flatulence, stimulates theappetite and fight there physical and nervous fatigue, the stress and the overwork.
  • Nutmeg is famous for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties. Nutmeg essential oil is used in massage to mitigate pains lumbar or joint, rheumatism, contractures muscular and sprains.
  • Nutmeg is also effective in treating many respiratory ailmentss: viral infection, bronchitis, flu, sore throat, ear infection, nasopharyngitis, etc. Nutmeg essential oil will then be used mainly in diffusion.
  • Nutmeg would also have a beneficial effect against nausea and sea ​​sickness.
  • In case of'inflammation of gums, of dental neuralgia or fromcanker sores, you can make a mouthwash with a drop of nutmeg essential oil diluted in water.
  • Warning, consumed in too large a quantity, nutmeg would causehallucinations and disorders of brain function. If the quantities used in cooking can in no case cause such inconvenience, nutmeg essential oil should not be used in pregnant women and the children of less than 12 years.

Growing nutmeg for its benefits

  • The nutmeg requires a exposure half-shadow, hot and humid and a ground rich, sandy and deep.
  • Warning to the mealybugs who love nutmeg.
  • Useless to try to grow nutmeg pot, you wouldn't get any fruit

Nutmeg in cooking for its benefits

  • In cooking, nutmeg is used grated. It is also preferable to grate it as and when you need it because it quickly loses its aroma when it is powdered.
  • Nutmeg is usedfor both savory and sweet preparations. It is particularly appreciated in the Bechamel and dishes based on potato and D'spinach.

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