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Black radish: for digestive disorders

Black radish: for digestive disorders

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The Black radish (Raphanus sativus) is a very old species, the exact origin of which is unknown, but which now grows almost everywhere and offers health benefits and virtues.

He is best known for detoxify the liver, the Biliary and treat them digestive disorders.

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Black radish and its health benefits

Used byPharaohsfor his virtues refreshing and nourishing,radish was then recommended for stimulate appetite then used asdiuretic in the Middle Ages before being relegated to the rank of grandmother's remedyas an expectorant againstwhooping cough and the bronchitis.Today, black radish is used in gastronomy for its virtues tasty and nutritious, and in medicine for its therapeutic benefits.

  • Source of vitamin B9, black radish contributes to the proper functioning of metabolism, to reduce the tired and the regulation of immune system.
  • Rich in potassium, black radish contributes to the normal functioning of nervous and muscular systems while promoting the maintenance of a blood pressure normal.
  • Black radish soothesdigestive disorders (bloating, constipation, etc.) and promotes digestion.
  • The black radish has properties very interesting for the liver drainage. It stimulates the action of bile and thus makes it possible to clean the different toxins and waste accumulated during digestion. It is also recommended to hepatic impairment as well as people with liver problems.
  • Dried, the roots of black radish would be beneficial in case of mild bronchitis.
  • Black radish root juice (which you can also extract yourself using a blender) would help prevent cardiovascular disorders and some forms of cancer from the glucosinolates and isothiocyanates it contains.
  • Finally, black radish root juice is also effective in calming Sun burn, the burns light and irritations cutaneous.
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Growing black radish

  • Black radish needs a warm and sunny exposure as well as a loose, deep, sandy and humus soil.
  • Before the first frost, remember to cover your black radish crops with aforcing veil or plasticto keep them longer.
  • Be careful with slugs and to snails who love black radish.
  • No need to try growing black radish pot, its roots are too deep. But you can try thepink radish !
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Black radish in the kitchen

Large, elongated root at the black skin, the black radish has a very white flesh with a spicy flavor that is consumed flood, cut into thin slices or grated.

Nutritional intake

Black radish provides an average of 18 kcal / 100 g. It is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, it contains organic compounds which could have anti-cancer effects.

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Smart tip about black radish

Use black radish as an appetizer to replace bread for toast.

You can put on it a slice of sausage, smoked salmon or spread a little tarama on it.

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