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Passion fruit: health benefits and virtues

Passion fruit: health benefits and virtues

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Grenadilla better known under the name of passion fruit offers many health benefits and virtues, belongs to the Passifloraceae family.

It is also the fruit of the climbing plant, the Passionflower, or Passiflora edulis.

Passion fruit is found in many colors, purple, yellow, green and many more. The term "grenadilla" refers to its physical resemblance to the pomegranate.

This fruit, like its plant, has many benefits.

You can benefit from this fruit all year round.

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Passion fruit, for the record:

The passion fruit is native to tropical America, specifically Brazil

This exotic fruit arrived in the 17th century in the West. The Indians used it long before us for its medicinal properties.

Did you know ? The flower of the Passionflower plant "illustrates" the Passion of Christ. There is symbolically the crown of thorns, the hammer, the apostles ... This is how the term "passion fruit" came to be.

Passion fruit, benefits and virtues:

The passion fruit offers many virtues.

This fruit is a source of powerful anti-oxidants, which neutralize free radicals, responsible for damage to the body, cancers and other diseases.

Passion fruit protects us from cardiovascular illnesses, by reducing the level of bad cholesterol.

The vitamin C (30 mg / 100 g) present in passion fruit, participates in the defense of the body. It is also famous for delaying the aging of cells and speeding up the healing process.

There are also vitamins AT beneficial to vision as well as vitamins of the group B.

Grenadilla is digest very easily, thanks to its interesting amount of fiber. Thus it facilitates digestion and regulates transit.

We recognize this fruit, the ability to decrease in blood pressure thanks to the potassium present in large quantities. Thus the risk of stroke is limited. It is therefore recommended in cases of high blood pressure.

Passion fruit is also indicated in case of tired or disturbed sleep. Its anti-inflammatory properties are said to reduce the symptoms ofasthma and would clear the airways.

The Native Americans used the juice of the fruit to relieve eye pain.

Its caloric intake is reasonable and thus contributes to a healthy diet.

> External use:

The passion fruit pulp applied to the skin relieves burns and attacks on the skin. Effective after sunburn.

> Internal use:

The juice passion fruit, to regulate transit and soothe stomach pain.

> Obtain grenadilla juice: use 5 very ripe fruits. Mix the pulp with 1 large glass of water. Filter the seeds with a sieve. Then sugar at your convenience.

In herbal medicine, it is rather the leaves and the flowers of the Passionflower which are widely used, especially in cases of anxiety episodes and insomnia. The passion flower is a very good anxiolytic.

Internally in infusion : flowers immersed in boiling water. 2 cups a day is enough.

Consult the article on smart gardening dedicated to the benefits and virtues of the grenadilla plant, Passionflower.

Passion fruit in the kitchen:

Calorie intake of passion fruit: 62 Kcal / 100 g.

Passion fruit provides the body with many minerals: phosphorus, sodium, iron and magnesium (348 mg / 100g).

Lipid intake: 0.7 g. Carbohydrate intake: 9.48g.

You can find the grenadilla in a pie, in a cake. For refreshing desserts, it is suitable for smoothies, cheesecakes, sorbets, mousses and even tiramisus.

We also like it in jam.

Its juice is very appreciated in cocktails, to marinate meats and fish, or even in Vinaigrette for even more gourmet salads. In coulis, the passion fruit accompanies your cakes and panna cotta.

Or just plain.

Grenadilla goes very well with ’orange, the mango.

Gourmet ideas:

Exotic compote : passion fruit, mango and Kiwi.

A sauce with passion fruit to accompany your fish.
And why not Saint Jacques with passion fruit, for lovers of sweet and savory?

Grenadilla, a beauty tip:

In cosmetology too, the grenadilla has proved its worth.
Its anti-oxidant properties are beneficial to the skin and the hair.

Thepassion fruit oil, moisturizes and nourishes dry hair. It stimulates hair growth. How to use: Pour a few drops of the oil in your shampoo.

It can also be used on the skin, after the attacks of shaving or hair removal.

Passion fruit gives your skin radiance.

Mask: Apply to the skin for 20 minutes, the fruit pulp, mixed with half a crushed banana. Good looks guaranteed!

Passion fruit scrub : Mix the pulp of the fruit mixed with a tablespoon of sugar then apply on the skin.

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Tip about passion fruit:

Store the passion fruit: at room temperature and when it reaches maturity, prefer the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

When the skin of the fruit is wrinkled, the grenadilla is ripe.

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